• Invitation Homes Provides an Affordable Housing Option for Houston Families

    Houston is hosting its annual Livestock Show and Rodeo, a proud tradition for almost 90 years that attracts tens of thousands of people a day in celebration of the region’s ranching tradition.  The rodeo is just one of the many things that makes Houston a desirable place to live.
    The area’s economy is thriving, anchored in … Read More

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  • Invitation Homes Welcomes Football Fans to Atlanta

    As Atlanta prepares for up to a million football fans to descend on the city for the Big Game, Invitation Homes welcomes visitors to a great community we are proud…

  • Providing an Affordable Option in an Evolving Housing Market

    As America’s premier home leasing company, Invitation Homes is meeting the needs of a changing housing market. In 2012, we set out to build a transformational housing company that would…